ASSA is a band consisting of Alec Richardson Suz Chilestone Sian Thomas and Andy Regan. They made their first recording 'Shibboleth (featuring Martin Sheen)' on 08/04/05.

The song was made by each of the four members suggesting five words to be used as lyrics and five musical aspects of the song.

Alec's suggestions:
words: Hallelujah, Motherfucker, Vulgar, Come, 1234
musical aspects: hammond organ solo, clapping, ebow, break beats, pots & pans & cups

words: Fist, Liebling, Super, Belly, Bungalow
music: Cow Bell, Ding, Clunk, Tinkle, Boing

words: Shibboleth, Gusset, Mountain Dew, Rhidyll, Wang
music: Shoobabahs, Martin Sheen, Sharky & George Bassline, mini cymbals, squonky electronic noises

words: Screwdriver, Balm, Robbery, Photon, Tortoise
music: Call & Response chorus, bongos, guitar neck noises, synthesiser sound B016, 6/8 time signature.

The song could only consist of the musical aspects listed above and the person who suggested them had to play them. The results can be heard here. (the tinyurl for this page is - this information is useful only for ASSAPhaseTwo).
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