AberWorld (a.k.a. Aberystwyth) is defined by the #aber dictionary as follows:
Large theme park built on the mouth of the River Ystwyth on the west coast of Wales, aimed mainly at the student and tourist markets. Like any other theme park, AberWorld offers an escape from reality to all visitors, some of whom stay many many years in order to avoid accepting real life outside the safetly and confines of the Aber World Unreality Zone. However, eventually all visitors find that once they've ridden all the local rides at least 50 times and completely exhausted all the public house sideshows, they are left with little choice but to surrender their season ticket and return to a semblance of Normal Life elsewhere. This is normally not unrelated to lack of funds (and indeed ever decreasing number of friends) resulting from AberWorld's dire employment market. Some find employment as AberWorld staff, but are doomed to soul crushing bitterness and poor income and don't last for long, especially when they see former visitors to the park Living It Up in other areas of the country.

Not to be confused with GrobbitWorld.

Nor with Lesbia.
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