Internet Relay Chat

Precursor to modern "Chat rooms".

Since it's worldwide and almost totally anarchic, it has proved quite useful in the past to report world news before the major news companies like Reuters do. Ner...

The RockMonkey Chat Room is actually an IRC channel, and the program you use on the website is just a frontend to that

Rules to IRC very simple:

Choose a nickname
Connect to a server
Connect to a channel

If you connect to a channel that doesn't exist, you create it. If a channel ever becomes empty, it stops existing. Aww... so sad... (that's not in the RFC; it's server-specific, and it's quite possible within the spec for a channel to exist with no clients, and some IRC servers support stay-open channels - Dan)
IRC is full of both people and bots, some are more anoying than others, but there we go...

Bots you might come into contact with include:
1) Igneous
2) ChanServ
3) Nick Serv
4) MemoServ