Quotes by Mister J T A
(Mister J T A JTA is reading a website about text-bullying)
Mister J T A: "1 in 5 11-19 year olds are bullied by text"... (thinks) That's 20%, isn't it? (thinks some more) Christ, that's a fifth!!

Mister J T A: Owww...
Dan Huntley: Did you just stab yourself?
Mister J T A: Yes, but I knew it was going to happen after I stabbed myself the last time.

Mister J T A: What everyone...?
(Ruth and JTA are packing things and find an old copy of Win 98)
Mister J T A: We should keep it! If we ever run out of things to put on computers, we can install this on one. We can call it Mr Crashy, it can be our friend - for five minutes every day...
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