People Who Are Happy

On the 12/01/05 Andy Keohane is officially happy, so I created this page for people to express how happy they are. Hopefully it will fill up quickly.
Please put your name below if your happy and a reason if you want.

Ruth Varley: I am happy, because I am me. And JTA's happy too, because I said so.
Dan Huntley: I am happy. Can't see a reason not to be.
Suz Chilestone: i am happy. do i need a reason? i'm full of coffee and have new socks on. and just to copy ruth, Alec Richardson must be happy too, because why wouldn't he be, he has a splendid girlfriend.
Matt In The Hat is not happy but JenBanks is happy and hopes that Matt In The Hat is happy. This list could also be found by taking the list of people and subtracting people who aren't getting any.
Claire Melton: I'm happy, exams over is part of it but mostly I'm just happy because I'm not sad about anything. For once I have nothing to worry about. (Not for long though)
Faye Bromilow is very happy, because she has her very own RockMonkey.
Kt Errington is happy because it's her birthday soon, and because life is good and sweet while dried pinapple is in existence.
Alec R is happy to be in aberystwyth if just for a short time

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