People Who Use Msn

Andy Keohane is one
Matt In The Hat another
Ruth Varley does sometimes. 'Cos she's too lazy to sign up to some other service.
Alec Richardson does, as do the vast majority of his comuter using amigos
Restless Boy does, as all the people he would ever want to speak to online use it. If that changes then he will select a better service. Until then... bovvered.
Sian Thomas does. She also has ICQ, but doesn't have any contacts on it. So never bothers with it. (have you considered adding people like Dan, Bryn, Paul, Claire etc.)
Paul Mann uses the protocol, but not the client itself
Faye Bromilow uses it too
Jimmy Carter does as well, but he *does not* use it to share files over the uni network, not at all, no. (Jimmy, you should be ashamed. There are plenty of other ways to share files without using the ropey MSN protocol - Paul Mann)
Enter name in list above if you use this [awful/perfectly tolerable] service (Why does Dan think it's awful?). You might want to consider using Jabber.