Ruth Varley

AKA the Fleeble Widget. No-one knows why.

Ruth Varley is known for running around the RockMonkey wiki and putting the word 'Lesbians' onto as many pages as is possible. Nobody truly knows why she is so obsessed with Lesbia.

Needs to realise that putting the word Lesbians on every page is annoying Some People.

Ruth Varley is well known for never wearing any underwear.

Everybody should Read This Page

Vote For Ruth to survive After The Quake. Or Un Vote For Ruth, if you're a mean bastard.

Feeling unloved because everybody wants her to die. Going to sit in a corner and sulk.

It's not that people want you to die, Ruth - it's just that people feel the need to counteract the 'vote fiddling' that you already confessed to planning.

Ruth is the expert at Total Bollocks.
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