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- Ruth Varley)

Message For Ruth

I'd noticed that when you want to create new pages, you often create a WikiWord on this page (the SandBox) in order to create it.

There's no need to do this, you know - just type the page name into the address bar (so to create a page called Ruth Varley, supposing one hadn't been created already, you could just append Ruth Varley to the in the address bar, or even Ruth Varley/edit, if you want to go straight into the editor).

On the other hand, it's somewhat bad practice to make WikiPages that are not linked to by any other Wiki Page - so making a page by creating a link from the SandBox, then destroying that link, is a little bit rude. This is because you may eventually end up with entirely-disconnected pages, which nobody can ever find out about but which still take up space.

Just a thought...

Hugz; Dan
Not any more. Have created a special page just to link to random pages I made (Random Pages By Ruth). - Ruth
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Hello children,
I am having trouble uploading a picture! I dont know how to do it, so im going to piss about on the sand box and see what pictures I CAN upload....

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