The Film

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If you don't know Troma Night, you don't know about The Film. If you do, then you should already know
The Film ("The Great Free Publicity Campaign") centers around a group of friends at Troma Night. It features tension, emotion, real ale, aggression, pizza, car chases and an inflatable doll.

The Film will hopefully begin production in the next couple of weeks, ready for editing and completion by the end of the summer. The aim is to submit The Film to the TromaDance film festival 2006 (Deadline for submissions Dec 2005), and indeed, to anybody who'll listen to us. It will also be available for free download from as soon as editing is complete

Note this list is more up to date than the one on the Troma Night board

Cast (in alphabetical order):With cameos from Sian Thomas, Paul Mann, Andy Keohane, Not Gay Gareth and somebody else. Matt Reynolds maybe?


There are others, but they are mostly seconds for when the crew are in front of the camera