The Revenge Of Zanatoth

(from the makers of RestlessWorld.)

Having succesfully stolen the Sceptre Of Zanatoth and delivered it to Peter Hain, the people of Wales thought themselves safe from Zanatoth's tyranny as he was safely locked up in Cardiff prison in a room with a butch man called Mindy and an asylum seeker.

But... Shock Horror! Somehow he escaped and kidnapped Peter Hain.

You play the part of P.C. Jack Restless (who you also played in the first one, I just didn't tell you...), whose job it is to find Zanatoth and rescue Peter Hain before it's too late...
(please report any mistakes/bugs in this first version by commenting on the page in which you find them - ta.x)
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Hints & Tips
Made by Restless Boy (with a little help from Dan).


Dan Huntley: Stunning. Highly amusing, really well-thought-out. Clever, witty, and sophisticated. But enough about me... go play the game!