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Games created on RockMonkey by people with Too Much Free Time.
Finished Wiki Games include:

After The Quake

Non-interactive, but still...

Wiki Maze

The original RockMonkey WikiGame, now in it's second edition. Find your way around the maze, avoiding the Lesbians and TubGirl! By Jon Atkinson.

Wiki Platform Game (and Evil Wiki Platform Game)

A platform game implemented through the medium of wiki, and it's politically-incorrect sequel. By Dan Huntley.

Wiki Bridge Puzzle

A classic puzzle, re-interpreted through the RockMonkey wiki engine. Can you get the RockMonkey people from one end of the bridge to the other without getting stuck? By Dan Huntley.


Epic adventure game: explore a vast world on your journey to Safeway to retrieve the Sceptre Of Zanatoth... many surprises await you on your quest... can you conquer RestlessWorld? By Andy Regan/RestlessBoy.

Troma Night Adventure

Huge WikiGame by Dan Huntley - collect the items and find the people needed to save Troma Night! The first WikiGame to make use of the Wiki Game Toolkit to implement RockMonkey Sessions (a tool used to provide persistence, a simple scripting language, and sessional variables to Wiki Games).

The Rock Monkey Chess Test

Find out which chessboard piece you are with this scientifically-proven test. By Mister J T A.

The Revenge Of Zanatoth

Stunning, much-anticipated sequel to RestlessWorld, by Andy Regan/RestlessBoy. Rescue Peter Hain and defeat Zanatoth once and for all, in this huge adventure!

The Online Game

Online version of The Game. You're out.

Pass The Page Game

Just like that game you used to play when you were a kid, where you'd write a line of a story, fold over the edge of the paper, and pass it on. Orchestrated by Restless Boy.

Wiki Scissors Stone Paper

A reinterpretation of the classic game, by Matt In The Hat (with coding by Dan Huntley).

Craig David Game

Good old-fashioned silliness, from Andy Regan/RestlessBoy.
Unfinished Wiki Games:

Death On Campus

Under development, by Andy Keohane.

First Year Wikki Game

Under development, by Andy Keohane.

Knightmare Wiki Game

Under development, by Dan Huntley.

Son Of Zanatoth

Sequel to RestlessWorld and The Revenge Of Zanatoth. Under development, by Andy Regan/RestlessBoy.


Under development, by Dan Huntley.

The Adventures Of Tootie and Sweetie in the Land of the Happy Pixies

Work in progress, by Ruth Varley

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